Van vs. Truck Removalists

Melbourne removalists offer a range of different services to their customers, but one big difference between many of them is that some use vans to transport your belongings while others use trucks. If you’re planning on moving house, you’re going to have to decide whether moving with a van or a truck is going to be best. This article will look at the main differences between using trucks and vans for moving and provide information that will make it easier for you to choose which method will best suit your needs and ensure a smooth move.


Van Removals

Van removals involve the use of a van or small truck and usually 2 movers. Van removals are ideal for those who are shifting from a small unit or a one bedroom apartment, as there won’t be a large volume of furniture to move. However, they likely won’t be the best option if you’re moving an entire 4 bedroom house. Hiring a van to move an entire house isn’t wise, as it would take many trips back and forth and end up being inefficient and expensive. For this reason, a van is only recommended if you aren’t moving far and all of your items can easily fit in the back and be transported in just a few trips. The advantage of choosing Melbourne removalists that use a van to transport items is that they’ll often be a lot cheaper than removalists using a truck.


Truck Removals

If you have a lot of large furniture and items to move, a truck is going to be your best choice. While they’re more expensive than vans, trucks have plenty of space and can fit an entire household worth of belongings inside them, making them ideal for large families. Melbourne removalists that use trucks usually supply a truck and a few removalists to help load and unload it.

Trucks aren’t suitable for moving short distances in the inner city, and they’re predominantly used for moving household goods long distances. If you have to move interstate, a truck will likely be your only option, as it would be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to use a van that would have to make multiple trips. One great tip in regards to truck removals is to opt for a backloading service, which means the truck will load you belongings in with another person’s belongings on one leg of the trip in order to maximise space usage and save you money.


Choosing between vans and trucks isn’t difficult when you think about which will best suit your requirements. A good rule of thumb to go by is that if you need to move interstate or a long distance and you have a lot of personal belongings that need transporting, a truck will be necessary. On the other hand, if you live in the city and you only have a small apartment full of belongings to move, hiring a removalist with a van will more than likely suffice.