Great Toys for Your Baby’s First Year

You’re the first choice of your baby’s first interaction and source of fun. However, it’s not possible to become a playdate to your kid all day. This is where toys come in handy. Besides as their curiosity grows so does their liking for objects around the house as they grab on to anything that arouses their attention. For starters, all toys should have a few basics requirements. Here’s a list of good to have toys for the first year of your baby’s life.

Baby Gym

The Baby gym comes in handy from day one. A baby gym has colorful and attractive links and toys which are attached to loops hanging from top and sides. Babies can be placed on their backs, side or tummy when placed inside the gym. Make sure you buy a gym that can be detached and cleaned up when needed. Make sure the baby can grasp, reach and roll around to look at objects encouraging them to roll to the sides and develop hand-eye coordination.


Rattles come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and models. Rattle toys are no doubt one of the most favored toys of a baby during the first few months. It has sounds and can be easily grasped, pushed, pulled and chewed on. These can be attached to the baby gym as well. Luckily, VTECH has a range of rattles that are safe, durable and simply adorable.

Squeaky and Rubbery Soft Toys

Little rubbery and squeaky toys will remain with babies for months and the reason is that they are excellent in stimulating all the senses alike. It’s easy to hold, makes a noise and the temptation to just chew on it never ceases to be. Your buck is never wasted on a good couple of soft toys as it does wonder for teething and interaction.

Baby Books

The early you introduce books into your baby’s life the better. Books come in different sizes and materials. Bath books and board books are the best as it has colors, shapes and large contrasting images that catch your baby’s eye. Some books come with songs and rhythms or even short and easy words repeated over and over. Try making it a bedtime routine and you’re never going to regret it. Books can bring in visual and language stimulation giving the child early learning skills.

Suction Toys

Suction toys can be glued on to a surface which allows your child to play with it with their hands rather than stuck them up their mouths. These toys are simply a delight as some play sounds, music when they’re spun or pressed or pulled. Suction toys come in handy when developing your child’s cause and effect, hand-eye coordination and depth perception.


Nothings complete without a set of blocks in the house. Whilst the colors and the crinkly sound provides excitement. The baby can enjoy stacking up the blocks and building towers as he/she grows up. You can begin to use blocks at an early age. It will stay with the baby for some time.