Food Items To Avoid With A Kidney Diet

When following a kidney diet program there are a number of foods and chemicals that should be avoided or limited. Healing kidney disease means decreasing the stress and workload of these organs, and a few foods do the exact opposite. Once a dietician has helped to make an ideal diet for the kidney sufferer it is essential that this diet program is followed specifically. If the diet treatment plan is not effective the sufferer could wind up needing dialysis or other more invasive medical treatments.

Every diet program designed to cure kidney disease and function problems will limit or remove a number of foodstuffs. Salt increases the need for filtration and also increases urination. Salt must be prevented as much as possible. Herbs and another diet professional approved flavorings may be used instead to make delicious and satisfying meals. MSG is also very difficult on the kidneys and a few other organs and must also be averted completely. Check food labels or prepare foods from scratch to prevent hidden components.

There are many foods that a kidney diet program enables but only in restricted amounts. Protein must be limited to a maximum of Seven ounces per day. Any more than this amount can increase the stress on the kidneys and make the right function more difficult. Fluid restrictions are also put in place. Kidney disease is one condition where liquids are not pushed but instead are limited. Most nutritionists advise no more than Forty-eight ounces of fluids in a 24 hour period. This amount also should include any foods which have high amounts of liquid, such as soup, jello, pudding, and ice cream.

Potassium is vital for great health, but this nutrient also contributes to increased kidney function and effort. Diets designed for kidney complications will limit potassium to small amounts determined by the diet professional. Avoid most salt substitutes simply because these products are generally high in potassium. Phosphorous is also normally limited as well.

Any kidney diet will normally eliminate nuts, beans, seeds, peas, cola flavored soda drinks, and beer. There can also be other foods that should be limited or avoided as well.