Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea is a condition that interrupts your sleep by affecting your breathing. Most people mistakenly believe that sleep apnoea is another name for snoring. However, it is not. This condition is much more severe than snoring and sometimes proves to be fatal. Since this condition can happen to anyone, it is important for you to know a great deal about this condition. The following is some information about sleep apnoea that you need to know.


What is Sleep Apnoea?


Sleep apnoea is a condition that interrupts your breathing while you are asleep. It can stop your breathing for maximum 10 seconds. This interruption can happen up to hundreds of times while you are asleep. When this happens, you will immediately awake yourself. Therefore, a person with this condition will not be able to sleep peacefully. As a result, you will be more inclined to fall into light sleep than deep sleep. This sleep deprivation can result in a number of problems that can affect your daily activities and personal life. The most common side effect of sleep apnoea is snoring.

What are the Types?


There are three main types of sleep apnoea that you need to be aware of . The first and most common type is obstructive sleep apnoea. This happens when the airway in your throat gets blocked when the throat tissues relax more than usual. You can also experience central sleep apnoea that is caused by changes in the central nervous system. In this case, the brain forgets to signal the muscles that are responsible for breathing. This form of sleep apnoea is less common. Finally, there is a complex sleep apnoea, which is a combination of the above two types.



What are the Symptoms?


It can be difficult to diagnose this condition on your own since it happens while you are asleep. However, you can diagnose this condition can asking your partner to monitor your sleeping habits. The most common symptoms of sleep apnoea are loud and chronic snoring, choking and snorting in sleep, pauses of breathing and daytime sleepiness and fatigue. You might also experience morning headaches, impotence, forgetfulness, characteristic irritability, insomnia and dry mouth early in the morning. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important for you to visit a physician immediately. The more you disregard this condition, the worse it can get.


What are the Treatments?


You can simply reduce the severity of this condition by making certain changes to your lifestyle. For instance, following a proper diet and exercising regularly will work. However, there are medical treatments that you can follow too. For example, Provent therapy is an effective solution for this condition. It works by covering your nostrils with small and disposable patches. This treatment is useful individuals who travel a lot. If you do not wish to wear CPAP masks when you are sleeping, this treatment will definitely prove to be a great solution.


Now that you know what sleep apnoea is, make sure to visit the doctor if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.