Essential Tips to Help You Maintain Kidney Health

If you or someone you love is suffering from kidney malfunction, disease or failure, you know how painful and life-changing this serious health condition can be. To keep your kidneys working properly and to ensure a long, healthy life, it’s very important to pay attention to kidney health and do whatever you can to maintain the health of these very important organs. Fortunately, there are a lot of great tips you’ll want to keep in mind so you can avoid having to cope with the pain and difficulty associated with kidney problems.

According to one of the premier medical facilities in the United States, and some of the most gifted physicians, there are ways you can take care of your kidneys to help prevent renal medical problems in the future. The word “renal,” in the medical community, refers to anything related to the kidney. So, when you see the word “renal” or the phrase “renal failure,” the reference is to the kidney.

Maintain Kidney Health-

Before looking at ways to maintain the health of your kidneys, let’s first look at some factors that may contribute to poor kidney function, some of which can be controlled; others cannot Before taking a look at how you can keep the health of your kidneys good, let’s look at some factors that can cause poor kidney functionality, keeping in mind there are some factors that can be controlled and others that can’t. These issues are ones that aren’t controllable horoscope:

• Kidney problems may occur in those 65 or older

• A family history of kidney issues can be a factor

• Race may contribute (African American, Native American and Asian American people are more prone to kidney problems)

Factors that may contribute to renal problems but may be controlled include:

• Smoking

• Obesity

• High blood pressure

• Diabetes

• High cholesterol

Tips to Maintain Good Kidney Function-

According to the Mayo Clinic, here are some things you can do to help maintain the health of your kidneys:

• Have your doctor monitor/control your diabetes

• Keep a watch on your blood pressure and take measures if it’s high

• Avoid taking large amounts of pain relievers including Tylenol, Advil and Aleve

• Don’t smoke cigarettes

• Eat a diet low in sodium and potassium, but get advice from a nutritionist first as you may have other conditions that require potassium supplements

Kidneys serve some very important bodily functions and everyone has two kidneys unless they’ve had one to fail or they’ve donated one. They produce urine and remove waste and extra fluid from the blood. They help to control blood pressure, help make red blood cells and keep bones healthy. Loss of one kidney can be devastating, let alone both.

Consult Your Doctor-

Except for smoking, most other lifestyle or diet changes should be made unless you consult with your doctor first. Good kidney health is imperative to a long, healthy, active life. It’s never too late to take steps to improve your kidney health and your overall health as well. By making life changes now, you can add years to your life. No one wants to go through the discomfort of renal failure and dialysis, so make the necessary changes now to ensure a long, healthy life for your kidneys and your body, in general.