Choosing The Ideal Implants For Breast Augmentation

When you’re thinking of opting for breast augmentation, one of the most important factors to put into consideration is the size of the implants. Picking the ideal implant size might be confusing especially when you’ve seen so many boob jobs you like in the past. You may even tell your doctors the cup size you would like to give them an idea of the implant size. However, there are many others ways to pick the ideal implant size and they will be discussed below:

Ask Your Surgeon To Show You The Result Before The Surgery

Many modern-day surgeons offer Vectra 3D imaging that allows you to see the possible result before the procedure. The program works by scanning your breasts and creating a 3D visual effect of what you would look like after the surgery depending on the variables imputed. Getting to see the way your breasts will look after the surgery beforehand will enable you to work with your surgeon to create the most suitable breast for you whether it is medium, small or large.

Don’t Rely On CupSize

Bras fit into different people differently. Also, two bras of the same size from different manufacturers don’t always fit you the same way. You might have a 36C that fits you perfectly from one manufacturer and a 36C from another manufacturer that isn’t a perfect fit. It may either be too loose or too tight. It’s true that bra sizing has general guidelines but they vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Different bras can be sized uniquely so you can’t get the perfect implant size by using bra cup size as your guide. There is no clear-cut standard for cup size. Manufacturers have revised and made changes in cup sizes since the invention of bras. What was 36A yesterday can be 34B tomorrow? Apart from this, your body also plays a role in the change or changes in cup size. When you add or lose weight, your cup size will change. Breastfeeding and pregnancy can also affect your cup size. So, cup size isn’t a reliable tool for determining the ideal implant size.

Breast Tissue Matters

Unlike cup size, the amount of breast tissue you have matters a great deal when it comes to choosing implant size. Instead of depending on numbers and letters, make up your mind about how you want your new boobs to look. Would you like large boobs or you’d prefer small ones? Do you want medium size boobs or you just want something to give you a little more fitting when you wear clothes. How the breast compliments your entire body and how it feels are more important than any other thing when or comes to picking implant sizes for breast augmentation. The kind of change you intend to make with the implants will go a long way in helping you choose the right size.


When it comes to breast augmentation, cup size doesn’t matter. How you would like to feel about your new boobs and the amount of tissue you have naturally will be used to determine the best breast size for you by your surgeon.